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What is a pet sitter?

A pet sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of a pet in its own home.


What is daily/daytime dog walking or a "regular visit"?

Daytime dog walking is pet sitting on a weekly, ongoing basis. A daytime dog walker is usually hired to walk or visit dogs that need a regular break during the busy work day.

A dog walker may be scheduled for daily visits or just a few days a week, often once or twice a day depending on your work schedule and the needs of the animals.

The most common service at ESDW is the "regular visit." This can range anywhere from 20-60 minutes, and can range in playtime andwalk to supervised feeding and basic administration of medicine...And even a cleaning of a litter box or two...we love all kittens as well. Let us know what you need at consultation and we will do our best to make it happen.


What is vacation pet sitting service?

Vacation pet sitting service means that a pet sitter is available to visit your pets if you go out of town on a trip, such as on a vacation or a business trip.

During this time, we will usually make scheduled visits to your home. Often these are scheduled to start between pre-determined time slots (such as 6am-8am, 2pm-4p, 8pm-9pm, etc) that will best fit your pets.


How long is a visit?

Each situation will be unique and will be determined based on such things as how many animals and how much time and care is needed, this will be determined upon first consultation with sitter


How many times a day should my pet sitter visit during a vacation?

The frequency of visits is something you want to negotiate with your sitter at your consultation to determine the best plan based on your pets needs and your wishes.

Most clients choose a once per day "regular visit" for dogs, and most consider every other day "value visit" for just cats.


Can a pet sitter stay at my home all day or overnight?

We do offer live-in and/or overnight care. We are fully insured as well as members of Pet Sitters Associates.  Our coverage includes care, custody, and control of your pet as well as theft insurance to assure you, your pets, and your home are in the most trusted, reliable care available.