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"Thank you, thank you!  

Josh managed to do the impossible!  We have 3 dogs currently but one of them, Sneaky, is hard to win over.  Especially by a man.  We have tried a couple different walkers/sitters since moving to Austin with no luck.  Sneaky wouldn't even let them in the house in some cases but Sneaky was no match for him.  

It was rough at first but after a week of regular walks Sneaky slowly started to bark less and even laid down when he was in the home.  These signs made us feel comfortable to leave for the weekend and while away we received updates, pictures and even videos of Sneaky not only alive and well but enjoying his new friend!  Josh is the first male I have ever seen pet him let alone lay on his lap.  It was his calm energy and love for animals that made this happen.

After receiving a video of Sneaky laying on Josh's lap almost begging to be pet more, Jessica L., began crying.  Seeing her and Sneaky so happy is priceless and I could not be more thankful."

Mark T. and Jessica L. (East 8th and Prospect Ave.) 


"As a busy working professional and proud dog mom I am so thankful for Eastside Dogwalkers! My rescue pup Crow absolutely loves Bree and she has helped him become a happy socialized member do the Austin dog community. When I go out of town and need someone to look after him, or am sick or having a busy day I know I can count on her to give him all the love and exercise I don't always have time for. Highly recommend Bree and all of ESDW!"

Whitney J. (West 2nd and Monroe)


"Lupita is very picky about the company she keeps, and she is quite fond of playtime with Bree. I never worry when she is in Bree's care."

Laura  L. (Georgian and Rundberg)


"My dogs cannot wait to hang with Bree!"

Amanda B. (11th and Waller)